Machining Capabilities

Machining Capabilities

Utilising cutting edge machine equipment, here at Broadway we are proud of our reputation for supporting all our customer requests, from a simple turned part to the most complex prismatic milled components, the tighter the tolerance, the greater the alignment to our capabilities.​

  • Prismatic machining to 5-axis, sliding head lathes, multi-axis turn / mill capabilities.
  • We can hold +/-12 microns on Turning, +/-15 microns on Milling and +/-2.5 micron tolerances on Grinding.
  • Our maximum turning capability is up to 1,250mm and up to 1,500mm on our 5 axis DMG Mori Milling machines.
  • We have mill and turn capability on twin spindle, twin turret machines alongside sliding head capability and we can work with turning sizes 600 x 1000mm.
  • All this is supported by grinding, manual turning, milling, deburring & assembly.

Product Knowledge, assisting with design for manufacture and reverse manufacture for MRO projects


  • Working with the design teams on development engines to ensure parts are fit for purpose but cost stripped out where not essential delivering Cost efficient method of manufacturing. 
  • Understanding and utilizing the most modern Tooling Techniques to stay abreast in the everchanging market ensuring class leading and competitiveness in the industry.
  • We have vast experience in taking legacy complex cast parts and reengineering these to be made from solid, providing more reliable and continuous mechanical properties as well as reducing the reliance on casting suppliers which often come with long lead times. This can also provide reductions in both cost and risk to the customer.

Turning and Mill / Turning

At Broadway we have an array of multi-axis machines to suit all production needs. We have an impressive plant list of CNC turning centres with specialist engineers using a range of equipment including Citizen 9 axis sliding heads and Mill/Turn Nakamura capability.

We specialise in aerospace nickel alloys as well as softer metals and we offer a full range and size of prismatic machining Up to 685mm diameter & 2,032mm in length.

Multi Axis Milling

Our facilities boast a range of three, four, and five-axis CNC milling machines, fulfilling an array of machining needs.

We can offer the manufacture of a wide variety of components, utilising state of the art machines, such as DMG Moriseki’s, alongside our award-winning team of engineers.

Our CNC milling capabilities cover complex five-axis machining up to 1000mm using various exotic harder materials such as Nickel Alloys and titanium through to steel and softer metals such as aluminium

CNC Grinding

Our dedicated grinding team specialises in ensuring high quality surfaces. The team fully understand the importance of the various surface finish requirements.

The grinding department work closely with our Quality Team and customer representatives to ensure only the highest performance parts and components are processed to the agreed finishing standard.


We have the capacity to establish bespoke assembly areas for our customers.The same expert skill and attention goes into our assembly as our precision engineering.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do and the quality of the finished product is paramount to the success of our business and our customers. At each stage of the machining process our parts are checked multiple times and we have built a reputation for manufacture and assembly of key parts for some of the largest aerospace companies around the globe.